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Easy Peasy Spinach and Ricotta Quiche

Some weekends are bliss! Pal had a sick day on Thursday and inadvertently turned it into a three day weekend (for me, not him, because he wasn’t feeling well!).  His usual days off are Friday and Saturday, so I always like that we have a day where we can get the errands done during business hours, but still have that cruisy weekend feel!

We cleaned off the front verandah, which looked more like the local tip (no pictures, obviously – there really is only so much I will share)!  It was transformed back into a play area (as it should have been all along, and was last summer), the gate was reattached after it unhinged after a storm (with stronger bits – don’t ask me what bits, they’re just stronger, OK?).

Note old floral lounge for bogan people watching

All of a sudden, my children don’t even want to come inside! I considered putting the doggy door that is on the back screen onto the front screen, for ease of access for the twins.  Then decided against it. Simply because this way I can lock them out there.  And no, I am not joking.  There will be much less pantry hiding from me, and much more verandah play for the ferals children.

I also realised The Two are no longer tiny babies.  Lots more walking and running around, climbing, and eating!

I made a huge deep Pyrex dish full of creamy mushroom pasta bake, foolishly thinking it would do the boys at least two days of lunches with the leftovers.

Computer says no.

I also made this quiche, which was delicious.  I told Pal yesterday that I would be making it again.

Pal: Ummm, Daisy.  I have something to tell you…
Me: Yes?
Pal: I don’t really like quiche
Me: Pal, I have something to tell you…
Pal: What?
Me: I don’t care.

Easy Peasy Spinach and Ricotta Quiche
Serves 6

1-2 sheets of puff pastry (depending on the size/shape of your quiche dish.  I don’t have a proper one so use a shallow square pyrex)
6 eggs
1/2 pack of frozen spinach (told you it was easy)
200g Low Fat Ricotta
{garlic, salt, pepper to taste}
1 large sliced tomato or a good handful of cherry tomatoes sliced in half

1. Get your pastry out to defrost (duh, but serial, I forget and then have to wait!) and preheat your oven to 180 Celsius (I have a Gas oven and often don’t preheat because it can make the difference between burning our food and not, it is hot hot hot!).

2. Mix together eggs, spinach, ricotta, garlic, salt and pepper.

3.  Place pastry in your dish in a higgledy piggedly mess, who cares the point is that it lines the dish, not looks pretty precisely and then pour mixture over.  Place tomatoes over the top (they will sing a little but don’t stress, they will still be delicious).

4.  Bake in oven for 30-45 minutes, until filling is set (seriously, quiche cooks in some kind of time warp and all ovens are different).

Yes, it is that easy.  It is so easy I made the recipe up all by myself. (OK, so My Bestie Amelia was on the phone helping me but I did all the work and had the idea!!!).

I made another variant of this and added some bacon and onion, YUM!

I love this because there is only about 200 calories per serve (yes, I worked it out and added a few more calories to the total just in case. Thanks iPhone), which means I’m eating FLUFFY DELICIOUSNESS with a healthy conscious. AWESOME!

It can’t be too bad for you, I lost 2.2kg this week!

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Does everything fall into place for you some weekends? Have you got a front verandah that you like to sit on and watch the children play? More importantly, is your outdoor floral lounge as noice as mine?


If you had asked me one year ago: “Is it hard?”  I would have laughed and said: “No, it’s not hard.  It’s busy, it’s full on, but it is notdifficult.”

Well, I’m here today to retract that statement.

Parenting IS hard.
Toddlers ARE hard task masters.
It IS difficult to discern whether THIS tantrum, happeningNOW is a teaching moment, or a fatigued tantrum, or a temper tantrum. 

Frankly, it is hard to know whether you are being played.

So I decided we could all do with some additionallearning.  So, here’s a quiz for you(think Cosmo, except we’re not trying to figure out what your sex personalityis).

Are You Being Played?

(note, you mustimagine this line is said in Guy Smiley’s (America’s favourite Game Show host)

Image source

You tell your toddler that if they climb up and play withthat light switch one more time, they are going to the corner.  You remove their climbing apparatus (a chair,step, or sibling).  Your toddler verydeliberately retrieves their climbing equipment (chair, step, sibling) andmakes a point of switching the light off again. You pick the toddler up, carrythem to the corner and explain to them what you are doing and why: “Youare going to the corner, Mummy asked you NOT to touch the light switch and youdid.”
You place your child in the corner, on the mat.  Child begins to wail: “Yooouuuu HURTmmeeeeeee!”
Are you being played?
After an entire week of intensive toilet training and onlyone wee on the loo your child attends daycare. Your darling toddler comes home in the same pull up nappy she left in,completely dry.  You assume that the poordaycare ladies must have spent half their day with your child sitting on thetoilet but are eternally grateful for their effort.  You then run into your toddler’s favouritecarer in Woolies, and ask how your toddler was yesterday.  And hear that your child was perfect,  that yesterday was the FIRST time they haveever heard your child say “No” (WTF?) and asked to go to the toiletfor both wees and poos all day.
Are you being played?
Your child’s favourite food is pizza.  As an exhausted mother’s idea of easydinner  a treat/reward for doingthree wees on the toilet in a row, you decide that pizza for dinner it is!Expecting a Ticketek parade in your honour, you are instead greeted withscreaming, “DON’T WANT IT” and a glass of water spilt over all thetable (and food).  Apparently yourtoddler would rather not eat pizza than be served water instead of juice.
Are you being played?
The answer to all three of these real life completelyhypothetical (and totally did not happen to me and my toddler) situations is:
You are being played.
And yes.  Parenting ishard.  And busy.  And full on.

And given the chance I would slap One Year Ago Daisy withher three perfectly behaved children.
* No toddlers were harmed in the writing of this blog post.
*Toddlers are an unknown and volatile quantity and Daisy,Roo and Two takes no responsibility for any decisions you make regarding theparenting of your own child.

This is why I have a permanent crook in my neck

It may {NOT} come as a surprise to you that I often spend a good part of my day on the phone. Mostly to My Bestie Amelia.

It may also {NOT} surprise you that some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard, seen or experienced have happened while I am assuming the position:

FYI I kept the phone there for another two minutes after I took the photo because I am so used to having it there. Amelia thinks she needs chiro. Someone seriously needs to buy us headsets.

And so, in the interests of over sharing and an ode to best friends, here are five of the funniest things that have ever happened whilst I was on the phone to My Bestie Amelia:

5. A conversation about my current state of dress and blogging niches turning into a blog post.  About Clothes Line Fashion.  And THAT is why I am not a fashion blogger, thanks Amelia.

4. The time I rang Amelia after an ultrasound and told her “it’s twins”. Yes, really.  No, I am not tricking you.  Yes, really.  You can stop laughing now.  Yes, twins.  And yes, I only did it to one-up you, seeing as your having a baby She is still laughing, by the way.

3. The time we were joking about the silly people who had placed bets that Oscar would walk first, and that OF COURSE if they KNEW Oscar they would realise he wouldn’t be walking until he was nearly TWO!  And Fraser, and then Oscar, began to walk within the week.

These babies CANNOT walk. I un-believe it. Fraser top (long face), Oscar bottom (pixie face), 3 months old or 7 wks corrected.
Copyright Chontelle Perrin Photography
By the way, head over and like her page.  740 likers is not enough for the talent Chon exudes!

2.  The time I admitted to Amelia that in the depths of my twin feeding sleep deprivation I would often fall asleep still holding my breast for one of the babies to feed from.  After Pal had already put them back to bed.  And then she insisted on a photo.  And so Pal ACTUALLY took one.  I don’t know if he sent it before I found it and deleted.  I don’t want to know.

1. The time Roo came running to tell me she needed to do a wee on the toylet.  I placed her on and realised her skirt was a little wet.  I asked her if she’d done a wee, she said “no wee!” and then started babbling something about a chocolate mess.  And Amelia and I thought at the same time: “surely not!”.  CHOCOLATE MESS!! Ugh, I got to it just before Fraser did.  He too, thought it was a chocolate mess.  Thankfully she was considerate enough to leave her chocolate mess on a plastic chair that was easily doused with bleach in the bathtub.

Chocolate freakin’ mess!

Are you a “phone” person, or would you rather text? Do you have a crook in your neck? Is it permanent? Do you have a best friend who likes to laugh at you with you?

A Recipe for Success AND GIVEAWAY

This giveaway is now closed

We have been having some meal time horror stories regarding Roo.  Mostly where she refuses to eat, and I refuse to give her anything else, and it turns into a stand off not seen since before the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

It’s incredibly frustrating, mostly annoying and about a week or two ago I threw my hands up in the air and gave up.  Life’s too short to cry over spilt vegetables.

In the sense that I withdrew myself from the power struggle.

I put the dinner down, we all sit down to eat at the table.  If you eat what is offered to you, then great! If you eat it all there may be a small treat (fruit/yogurt/jelly) in it for you.  If you refuse to eat I could care less.  BUt nothing else will be offered nor made. Especially not Chocolate Toast (aka Nutella, of which there is none in the house for the sake of my thighs).

This has been going quite well.

In the sense that Roo refuses to eat, I don’t engage in her dramas and she goes to bed hungry.  One night she picked around all the vegetables and chicken in a stirfry and ate the noodles.  The next night I made more noodles with mashed vegies so she couldn’t pick them out (and so it was easier for the boys to eat).  She refused to eat it.  Whatevs, girlfriend.  I totes could care less.

One thing I know Roo will eat consistently, happily and without fail, is sausages.

Especially the barbequed kind.

With tomato sauce.  AKA Red Salad.

No matter which photo I have posted of Pal, he inevitably would have asked: “Why did you post THAT one?” And so I have posted them all.

Then Fountain sent me this awesome BBQ pack (the one Pal is wearing), with their new 40% less sugar and 70% less salt sauces.  FYI, it’s true.  I compared the nutrition tables on the back.  I’m into that kind of thing now I don’t want to be a fatty any more.

I also used the BBQ sauce to make a garlic, soy and BBQ marinade for some chicken, because there is something ridiculous like nearly 200 calories PER SAUSAGE.  And my thighs aren’t cool with that.

Mmmm chicken!

So, the verdict?

Tastes good enough to eat.  Roo devoured it.  And then asked for a little extra on her bread that she was meant to eat as a sausage sandwich, but hey, if you’re eating it, whatevs.

That last face she pulled was because I then did this:
Yes, I put salad on her plate.  Real salad.  Not red salad.

Pal loved the marinade so much he asked me to make it again the next night for the chicken salad we were having.  I liked it so much I had allowed myself to eat a little more chicken than I usually would.  But it was OK because I totally offset it with the Fountain 40% less sugar and 70% less Sauce.  That’s how it works, right?

To me it tasted like a “lighter” version of sauce, less rich but just as tasty.  I especially liked the spiciness of the Barbecue sauce.

Sorry, just wanted to show the money shot again: Children? Check! Children eating intently? Check! Product displayed  well? Maybe, but it’s as good as it gets at feeding time at the zoo.

So, because we liked the sauce so much I emailed my contact (who shall remain nameless because it sounds very cool and James Bond-like) and said: “Yo, what up?”.  Not really.  I very politely asked if I could have some sauce for YOU!

To WIN your own bottle of both Tomato and Barbecue sauce, plus an awesome apron that Meemah (my Mum) has been commissioned to sew (no pictures as yet, but I promise it will be pretty, funky and AWESOME!)

Reversible two pocketed apron!

Have a play with Rafflecopter, and Leave Me A Comment telling me how Fountain Sauce with 40% less sugar and 70% less salt will benefit YOU at the dinner table/barbecue/hiding in the pantry eating it straight from the bottle (not that I would do that…)

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