The day I did nothing…

Well, as little as possibly anyway.

6am: Wake up.  Look at Pal.  Roll back over and know that he is required to get up to the children because he has to get up for work anyway.

6:20am: Get up.  Because Pal is in the shower and has ignored the fact the children are hungry and want to get out of bed.

6:22am: Change nappies.

6:30am: Throw toast at the children in their chairs, and clean the kitchen.

6:40am: Pal emerges from the shower.  Apologises for not cleaning the kitchen the night before, as promised.  I shrug.

6:42am: Pal comes back to the kitchen.  Am I mad? No, I am not mad.  I am too tired to be mad.  I have too much to do to be mad.  Don’t worry about it, Pal.

6:50am: Start doing the washing. Take last night’s load out of the machine, put another in.  Heave a sigh of “woe is me, why am I the only one who can do any of this?” Have an epiphany.

6:50:10am: Throw the wet washing in the dryer and walk away.

7am: Start dressing the children – Roo must be delivered and Daycare and the boys and I will be going for a walk.

7:30am: Yo Gabba Gabba saves the day while I shower and dress.

8am: Look around and know that my house is a sty, start madly trying to tidy so I have a clean place to come home to.  Start to think there must be cameras in the house and I must be living in some kind of strange The Truman Show type life.  Or Groundhog Day.

8:30am: Get children into pram.

8:45am: Start walking down to Roo’s daycare.

9am: Deliver Roo to the angels at daycare and walk away knowing they can deal with my overtired toddler better than I can today.

I wander over the road to take the boys to see their father.

Then I hotfoot it to the Baker’s Delight here in Young and Ron and the team gift me a Christmas cake.  Which I take with glee.  Merry Christmas!

(Left) What the cake looks like after Pal the Baker and I had just a taste… (Right) The kind of picture I should have taken, but instead lifted off the Baker’s Delight website

9:30am: Walk around, up the hill, and home.

10am: Put the boys to bed, and rather than have a complete meltdown at the house and my life, I instead, do nothing.

Yep.  Nothing.

I can’t really tell you what time everything else happened yesterday.

I got out a favourite trashy book.  I made myself coffees.  I ate my Baker’s Delight Christmas Cake (not all of it! Just a few pieces.  It’s rich and moist and oh so yummy).   My Friend Davina came for a coffee.  I sat on my front porch on my floral lounge and loved it.

I didn’t eat all three pieces of that cake on my own, in one sitting.  I ate two and gave one to Davina.  Because I am a pig.  It was delicious. That is all.

I didn’t write any blogs.  I didn’t read any blogs.  I barely Facebooked and I DEFINITELY didn’t do any more housework.  I didn’t study.  And I didn’t feel bad about any of it.

At some point the boys woke up.  We ate lunch.  We played.  We read “That’s not my tractor” and “where is the green sheep?” eleventy-billion times.  They wrestled.  I read my book some more.  I spoke to friends on the phone.  I ate some more.  I surrendered over half my food to the twins, as was stated in the contract I signed when I became a mother (that’s what my children seem to think, anyway).

It’s ok, it’s better this way. Less calories.  I should be thanking them.

The boys went back to sleep in the afternoon.  I rang Pal and pointed out that he would be the Picker-upperer of Roo, because the boys would not be awake in time for me to walk down and get her before he finished work.

I ate some more.  I drank some tea.  And some water.  I read my book some more.

I checked Facebook and saw that my post on the conclusion to the 30 Day Sex Challenge was live on Mum’s Lounge.

Then Pal and Roo arrived home, and the mad dinner/bath/bed rush was on.

Except it wasn’t mad.  And it wasn’t a rush.

It was nice and special.  Our family cruised through the early evening and the children went to bed at 6:30.

At some point I must have hung washing on the clothes horses.  Because there was some there to be brought in and some the wind had blown to the ground.  And a new load in the machine.  But I don’t remember what time I did it.

And when I woke this morning, the dishes needed to be done.  The washing that wasn’t done was still waiting for me to do it.  The toys and books all over the floor looked exactly the same amount of messy as they did yesterday morning.  The floors still needed sweeping. It was like yesterday had never happened for the housework.  It sat there, dormant, waiting for something to be done.

And I don’t care.  Because yesterday, I had a day of me.  And now I can tackle today with some energy.  I feel like  my mind has been quieted.  Stilled from overwhelming itself.  I feel like I can be a better Mummy.  I have more patience this morning than I have had in weeks.  And it’s still only 8am. I have been awake for close to two hours and have not had any coffee. And I am NOT a morning person.  But I feel like I could be, if I could give myself some space.  My mind some rest.

Soul food, they call it.

This summer, as part of the Summer of… Me with My Big Nutshell – I am giving myself one day a week off.  One day a week of being nothing but a mumma.  No pressures, no stress.  No computer, no housework.  Just me, the children, a good book and maybe a good phone conversation or three.  I might even watch an episode of a TV show I like, or watch a movie, while the children have their sleep.

The summer of me starts now… Stay tuned.

When was the last time you had a “me” day?  Is it something you could do regularly?

iBOT with Jess from Diary of a SAHM this week is a MUST read. Especially if you are as concerned about teenage hairstyling as I am!

** Disclosure: Ron from Young Baker’s Delight gave me a Christmas cake.  No payment was offered, nor accepted.  The opinions are my own.  The fact there is only half a cake left this morning speaks for itself**