Rules are made to be broken… Let’s call it “reassessment”…

My kids don’t have a lot of restrictions placed on them in terms of playtime.

I mean, the Two are 20 months and Roo is newly 3. I’m not sure there’s much in the way of restricting play that could teach them a whole lot.

If I don’t want them to get into something, it is placed out of reach.

Either shelves, closed doors and draws and/or security gates protect what needs protecting from the tsunami that is three small children.

I lack the time and energy to follow all three kids around saying “no” gently and explaining why everything is not to be touched.

They have only a few rules:

- Be kind to one another. No hitting, kicking, pushing, pulling, snatching or scratching. Share within reason.
- All climbing will be monitored. If you are found climbing without supervision there will be consequences.
- One child at a time in the toilet.
- Outside toys outside, inside toys inside. Under NO circumstances are you to bring those trikes into my house!!!!

Sometimes, when there is screaming, crying and frustration coming at me from all three corners, wailing for the destruction of my sanity, it’s best to surprise them and hope it shocks them into good behaviour.

It worked.

Dear Weather,

Get Well Soon,

Love Daisy.