Wanted to Buy: Memory Catcher

Words cannot express how excited I am.

Tomorrow morning I will be winging my way to #DPCON12.

If you frequently read Australian blogs, you will have seen mention of the Digital Parents Conference.

I have four fantastic sponsors.

You can read about Little Hero Designs/Hosting, LiveCertifiedOrganic.com, ettitude® and Chux there.

All of them have played a vital role in getting me to Melbourne this week.

I am so grateful, so proud and so freaking excited!

I’d like to say that I’ll be working hard at the conference.

And I will be.



And learning.

But mostly, I will be revelling in the knowledge that for a few days at least, I am only responsible for myself.

Which is no mean feat, mind you.

And I will be looking forward to being reunited with my babies.

Although, somehow I get the feeling that when I return, they will be babies no more.

Image Credit {LittleHouseOfLimes}

The Two are nearly two.

Two months off two.

Roo is three and three months.

I can’t  believe how fast time goes when you have three toddlers.

Well, I can believe it.

But I don’t really want to.

What I mostly want to do is bottle their “themness” right now.

I know from Roo that it all changes.

I feel like I lost so much of her oneness and twoness. So much of that time was spent worrying and feeding and worrying and washing.

I don’t want to lose the Two’s twoness as well.

I don’t want to lose Roo’s threeness.

Right now they are so full of personality, so full of what makes them people.

What will be such a big part of them.

But right now, it’s undiluted.

Concentrated personality.

I keep doing my best to burn moments into my memory.

To take photos but not so many I’m living through the camera (or phone) lens.

How do you remember it?

How do you hold these things so tight to your chest?

The snuggling into my neck and holding my hands at wake up time.

The sniffling of a comforted child, almost over the trauma of a stolen toy.

A whispered sweet nothing: “You are best mum ebber”

A new love: The Wiggles.

A much repeated and insistent word: “Toast!”

Mummy’s Echo, calling out as we seek and they hide, while she is laughing maniacally at the anticipation of being found: “Fraya?! Sis-sis?!”

Watching them dance, holding hands. Big Sister and Littlest Brother: “Osky hold hands Mummy!”

Not-So-Little Brother dancing to his own beat, refusing to have his rhythm stifled by a dancing partner: “No-no!”

Unless it is Mummy.

Pick him up, swirl him around, listen to him laugh and feel so loved when he leans his head on my shoulder and encircles my neck with his chubby arms, crooning his own song into my ear.

How do you hold onto it?