Sangria and other stories from #DPCON12

Despite a major issue of cloud on the ground on Thursday morning (aka fog, but it didn’t sound as cool), I managed to make it to Melbourne.

None of my children had an emergency trip to hospital.  Despite Oscar’s (aka Drama’s) natural propensity for couch diving.

None of my husbands (meaning, Pal, my one husband) needed last minute instructions.

I got out of the car, hugged my still-strapped-into-carseat Babies and knew I was coming home to Children.

Children that apparently can’t be bothered missing me. Too busy or some such nonsense.

Too secure in my love more like it.

I’m obviously not keeping them on their toes.

Pal was fine.

I knew he would be.

Turns out that when I’m not around he gets motivated.

The Mount Vesuvius of unwashed laundry is nowhere to be seen.

It’s been replaced by the Mount Etna of folding.

Eruptions are caused by suspected criminal terrorist almost-two-year-olds fault-lines shifting.

There are no dishes in the sink.

There are no toast crusts on the kitchen floor.

Pal is wearing his Super Dad undies on the outside.

The obvious conclusion is that I must go away more often.

There were so many wonderful moments at the Digital Parent’s Conference, I can’t put them all here. If I don’t mention you, I’m sorry.

It’s highly unintentional and borne of the chaos that is reintegrating myself into my natural habitat of vegemite smeared terrorism.

Here are the highlights I can remember right now…

  • Sangria and Pimms at 3pm on a Thursday afternoon. It was almost like having a wine in my pantry.  But better.

  • The Pre-Conference drinks – organised by the amazing Laney at Crash Test Mummy and put on by the fabulous Melbourne Wine Room and Alta Vineyards. I was practically vibrating with excitement. A situation unhelped by meeting some of my blogging idols…

  • Acting in a manner befitting a Bieber Fever crazed 13 year old whilst meeting too many people my star struck dignity will not allow me to mention. I only just stopped short of ripping their clothes off. Just. You all know who you are…

  • The Writing Workshop run by Valerie Khoo of the Sydney Writers Centre during the conference.  Too many “ah-ha!” moments to mention. Grateful at being in a position to attend the Digital Parents Conference doesn’t even begin to cover it.
  • Coming out from behind my computer screen. With so much time spent at home, I often forget that I have an effect on people in their own “in real lives.” I met so many people who not only knew who I was, but ticked in the same way.

  • Melbourne, laughing, silliness, good friends and a general realisation that for all intensive purposes, I am indeed a dickhead. I am also now well practised in the “Angelina” leg pose…



**A huge big thank you to all those who had to suffer my excitedness. And to my sponsors – Live Certified, ettitude®, Little Hero Hosting and Chux for getting me there!!!!!