The Hunger Games. Of the chocolate variety…

On the phone to My Bestie Amelia:

MBA: Hey, did you get any pictures of the kids’ easter egg hunt.

Me: Yep, a few.

MBA: I didn’t get any.

Me: I have a some – like, three?

Don’t worry Amelia, we have the memories:

Oscar holding his basket like an elderly woman afraid someone would snatch her bag on the bus. Or possibly in an imitation of Paris Hilton, needing the bag to rest on his elbow with his arm extended.

For balance.

Fraser realising IMMEDIATELY that the little colourful foil things were AWESOME. And finding as many as the bigger kids.

The boy was MADE for the Chocolate Hunger Games.

Me, trying to be an awesome aunty, hiding a few eggs in more challenging places for the older kids. And then having to show them where they were.  Challenging and Egg Hunt probably shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

Especially when the average age of the group is 1.8 years old. (Yes. I added that up and divided it. NERDS UNITE!)

Five kids 7 and under rushing around a small backyard akin to chooks with their heads cut off.  The sixth child, the youngest girl, aptly nicknamed Bunny, ambling slowly around eating eggs – foil and all.  Waiting for other children and adults to deposit eggs in her basket.

Roo, my kind girl, finding more eggs than anyone else and deciding to share the wealth.

Mooch realising there was someone hovering near his basket: “What did you put in my basket?”

Roo, assured of herself: “More eggs”.

Mooch: “Oh, OK Rory!”

The biggest girl, everyone’s big Sissy, helping, climbing and trying to make the event exciting for her brother and her pseudo-cousin.

Explaining to family friends that the reason two mothers (previously known as Sugar Nazi’s) were asking their kids if they wanted MORE chocolate was an attempt to get the chocolate hoovering done well before 12pm.

Our theory was tested and proved.

Get the chocolate into them early, let them go feral, then they will still sleep in the evening.

The chocolate induced coma the older kids ended up in that afternoon.  Of course, the Two were immune to the chocolate induced coma. Oscar didn’t sleep until we were driving home.

Up until then he was super fun to be around…

When our kids ask us about Easter 2012, we will have these memories. And these three photos from my iPhone.

Bunny sharing

Fraser having a moment of doubt before realising the chocolates were his! Until after lunch when his mother confiscated all chocolate and put it in the top of the cupboard

Oscar – Bag Lad

Best. Easter. EBBER!

Did you catch up with family and friends this Easter?


I emailed Amelia to check she was hunky dory with all that I had written and the photos.

Other than her waxing lyrical about how awesome I am (what are besties for, right?) she only had one other thing to say:

“I wish I had a photo of the eggs you put in the aloe vera bush!!!!”