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Absentee Note

Absentee Note

Absentee Note

Dear Teacher*,

Please excuse Roo’s absence this last Friday.

I have no one reason. So I guess I’m letting you know that we were wagging.

I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not really.

You see, we are two weeks out of the end of term. At the end of the year.

Swimming lessons with the school each day, whilst awesome, has my almost-7-year old hysterical at the slightest slight.

For example:

“Roo, would you like cereal for breakfast?”

Yells: “No! I want Nutrigrain!”

Deep breath. Don’t mention that Nutrigrain IS A CEREAL

“Ok. Nutrigrain it is!”

“NO!!!! I want Nutrigrain with milk! I don’t want dry Nutrigrain! You NEVER listen to me!” Bursts into tears, runs to room.

Because obviously I was planning on giving you a bowl of cereal with no milk because I am EVIL! 


Back. Away. Slowly.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So when Roo came to me this morning and told me she’d been sick through the night, I didn’t even bother to question her on the validity of those claims.

Like: if you were sick why didn’t you come get Mummy?

Or: “What kind of sick?”

I just decided that no matter what happened, she was telling me this because she needed me to hear her.

And even though it meant a cancelled play date at the beloved local pool in the afternoon, she still said she would rather stay home.

Which was more than enough to convince me we needed a day off.

We went to the foreshore and languished and waded and ate fish and chips and we were HAPPY because the pressure was off and it’s the weekend and the end of term cannot come soon enough.

We practiced the class song for the school’s Carols by Candlelight and started watching Christmas movies and in general had a stress free day at the end of what has been an exhausting week.

We slept. And rested. And snored.


We remembered that Roo is 6, nearly 7. Not 10, nearly 11. Not 17, nearly 18.

6, nearly 7.

So young. So little still, really. So precious.

And a day at home was just as necessary as all the learning she could have mustered today, because to be perfectly honest, it wouldn’t have been much.

Today we laughed in the face of attendance record percentages and we’re happier for it.

Yours sincerely,


Mother of Roo.

Believer in believing in my kid.

*We actually love and adore our teacher. She is kind and firm and understanding and more than we could hope for.

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