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Everything played out just as it needed to

Everything played out just as it needed to

Everything played out just as it needed to


We’ve been here nearly 11 months. Which is nearly a year

And Brisbane?

We love you.

I sat watching my babies play in the water today. The sun beat down, so hot against my back.

So hot I asked the kids to splash me.

I would have gotten in the water myself, except somewhere in the madness of getting ready to go out, I forgot to change into my swimming pants.

And no one wants to drive home in wet, sandy denim shorts my friends. No one.

And my kids splashed me and LAUGHED because OMG she’s letting us splash. Her. In the face!

And I laughed because they were laughing and it would have been like some Visit Australia commercial except we’re all redheads with flushed skin and I’ve never seen a redhead at the beach in a Visit Australia commercial.

We could have totally played a starring role in a zinc commercial though. Send your enquiries now, Zinc and Sunscreen companies!


So we’re laughing and playing and ENJOYING LIFE and it nearly makes me forget that Pal is at home sleeping off the last 48 hours of which he worked 36.

And that I’m tired and cranky because I feel like I’m adulting here on my own because of those 36 hours.

That the house is trashed and the rubbish needs taking out because it smells and I have nothing organised for dinner but my desire to NOT give my kids takeout will lead me to the grocery shop on a Friday afternoon and just kill me now.

The water makes me forget it all, well almost.

Their faces. Their little faces. I can’t even. I made those people and their faces and those smiles are for me.

I start to wish that we’d moved here sooner.

That we’d left cold Young behind and been able to live like it was a holiday every day when they were toddlers.

We could have swum everyday!

Found a new awesome park each week!

They would have had so many opportunities and I would have gotten my license so much sooner and wouldn’t life have been awesome if we’d moved here two years ago instead of one?


And then I remembered that two years ago we lived in a calm, kind place.

An understanding home. With people who knew us and loved us and accepted us as we were.

A place I NEEDED.

Because two years ago, my children were not calm. They were two toddlers and a preschooler and they were driving me so crazy no matter what I tried.

They were Runners. They were Mountain Goats.

They took great delight in sending me to the edge. I felt at great risk of heart failure or stroke at any moment two years ago.

Our home town was the place we were meant to be for that stage of our lives.

We thrived there.

And when I mentioned this to Mrs. P. Told her all these feelings, she said to me:

“Everything played out just as it needed to.”

And I said:

“Yep. Even if it all felt fucked at the time.”

And all of a sudden I realised that’s pretty much life in a nutshell.

7 thoughts on “Everything played out just as it needed to

  1. Denyse

    And 2 years ago this Christmas (just after) was when I did my 2nd Daisy visit to see you!! Look at us now! Both almost 12 months into our big changes. You are doing ao well my love. & yes, we still need our chat! Did you know we moved to a no -waterfront but ducted air con one level house last week? Paying the rent in the old one till 16 DEC and this one too but oh so worth it for the better lifestyle. Talk soon I hope love D xxxx
    Denyse recently posted..Read This! 330/365.My Profile

  2. Mrs P

    ‘I slept, and dreamed that life was beauty;
    I woke, and found that life was duty.
    Was thy dream then a shadowy lie?
    Toil on, sad heart, courageously,
    And thou shall find thy dream to be
    A noonday light and truth to thee.’


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