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When inspiration strikes…

When inspiration strikes…

When inspiration strikes…

I’ve been trying to focus on keeping things simple at home.

On forgiving myself for not being a perfect mother, wife, cleaner, cook, washer woman.

The list goes on.

And a big part of forgiving myself is getting back to basics with my kids.

Which looks a lot like sitting on the couch with children sitting on top of me.

And what that means is that there’s plenty of time for sitting, watching movies and crocheting while my babies chatter and play and try to all stay as close to me as physically possible.

After hearing a sequel was on the way, I decided to introduce Roo to the newer version of Alice in Wonderland. You know, the Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham-Carter version?

I wasn’t sure if she’d find it too dark, but I needn’t have worried about the child obsessed with Coraline, Frankenweenie, Paranorman and Monster House.

Roo loved the film – I think her favourite part was actually her own running commentary of the events and characters – and I was hit with a wave of inspiration…


I had such fun with the little heart on Alice’s chest and her headband.Alice Doll | Daisy Roo & Two: Crochet

The apron was a must, even though Roo kept telling me that the “new Alice” doesn’t wear “that white thing”.Alice Doll | Daisy Roo & Two: Crochet

The full skirt was time consuming but sooo worth it! It ruffles just beautifully!Alice Doll | Daisy Roo & Two: Crochet

My only regret is not making her stockings striped!

As always, I used a mixture of yarns to get a balance between durability and softness.

Alice is available in my MadeIt store now!

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