Daisy Roo & Two

About DRaT


Established 2011.

Daisy, Roo & Two is the home of all reformed super-mum-wannabes.

A place to celebrate the honest, raw and most often hilarious side of parenting.

There’s opinion pieces, personal blogging, reviews, giveaways recipes, Thermomixing, craft (crochet. Mostly crochet), DIY and all manner of useful bits and bobs on this little piece of internet real estate.

There’s heaps of useless stuff too – only the most awesome kind though.

Grab a cup of tea. Or wine. Or piece of cake – we like cake here.

Settle In.


Write (we love comments. Like a lot. Just saying). Share your own stories with us.

Enjoy the freedom that comes with knowing we are the kind of people that struggle to make our lives look pretty like in the magazines.

We let ourselves off the hook long ago – time you did the same?


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