Daisy Roo & Two

About Us


DRaT Site Owner

Wife to Pal.

Mother to Roo (7) and The Two (5yo identical twin boys).

Pantry hiding, loud talking, witch-cackle laughing, opposite of super mum.

Crocheter, writer, lover of cake.

Wearer of bright eyeshadow. Lipstick addict.

May or may not be an abuser of exclamation points.

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Mrs. P

Resident Fresh Foodie & Giveaway Gal

Mother to Rah, Ella and Senna.

Best friend and wife to Mr. P.

Adopted mother to a shiny KitchenAid Mixer and a pretty little Thermomix.

Lives at ProFruit HQ - where all things fruit and veg are devoured with a side of chocolate, a glass of wine, and a serving of all things loud.

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